Portable Aircraft Anti-Icing Equipment


Keep your aircraft free from ice and safe to fly with Wing Armor. We provide portable aircraft anti-icing equipment throughout North America, which enables you to fly clean and fly safe. We understand the importance of keeping your aircraft free from ice, which is why our portable aircraft deicing equipment is always affordable. 

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Wing Armor began as purely a training company. We focused on training individuals on safe aircraft operations during the winter and on how to use different types of anti-icing equipment. Eventually we realized that there was a better way to deice planes and other aircraft, so we developed our own portable equipment that we offer today. 

Our designers listened to the experts in the field and drew on our extensive training experience to create the ideal portable deicing equipment. Our portable anti-icing equipment is some of the best on the market, which we know well from our foundation as a training company. 

We still deliver comprehensive anti-icing training so that you can use our portable deicing equipment to its fullest capacity. We understand that the proper procedures and systems are essential to efficient equipment operation and designed our portable deicer to be simple and straightforward to operate. 

Our team is passionate about quality, which drives us in everything that we do. We built a quality piece of equipment because we recognized where the current equipment on the market fell short. And we continue to provide quality training because we want to pass on the knowledge that we have gained over our years in the industry. 

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For the past 20 years, we have helped airports efficiently and safely deice their aircraft. We have always been committed to helping you fly clean and fly safe, and we carry that commitment through all of our work designing portable aircraft deicing equipment. 

Wing Armor provides cost-effective solutions to ice on your aircraft with portable aircraft anti-icing equipment. Call (888) 228-3423 to learn how our experience and equipment can help you.