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Recognized by the    Aviation Industry...     

As delivering the most comprehensive    De/anti-icing Training for the past 20 years in North America.

Innovation begins with customers needs...

So our designers listened & built the worlds Best portable Aircraft Anti-icer for Indoor applications.

If you build it you must show how it works...

We are passionate about Quality so  WING ARMOR customers can operate safely & worry free.   


The Clean Aircraft Concept

Operations during Ground Icing Conditions requires the following: 

1) Proper Equipment

2) Certified Fluids 

3) Properly Trained Staff

4) Execution with Precision 

When integrated into your operation, these 4 elements will provide you with the tools necessary to depart aircraft in winter conditions... while ensuring safe operations, maintaining flexibility & managing your budget.


Leading Edge Deicing Specialists is a professional training enterprise  dedicated to promoting "The Clean Aircraft Concept" by offering the 

most comprehensive Ground Icing Safety training to Pilots, Maintenance  personnel and Ramp crews.  

The "Fly Clean, Fly Safe" program was designed to emphasize the use of
standardized aircraft de/anti-icing methods and procedures, elements which are essential in maintaining safe winter operations. 

Over the last 20 years, Leading Edge seminars have been presented in the US, Canada & Europe in association with NATA, NBAA, CBAA, CQFA, Flight Safety & directly for Airlines, Corporate customers & FBO's.

Leading Edge Deicing Specialists are ready to help you Integrate the 4 Critical Elements into your Professional Flight Operation.

Mission statement - Provide corporate flight departments with the best available training, equipment, de/anti-icing fluids & procedures so they may safely dispatch their aircraft during Ground Icing conditions. 

In an effort to help corporate Jet operators save money on excessive de-icing & anti-icing operations at FBO's & CDF's during winter months, Walter Randa, founder of Leading Edge Deicing Specialists, developed a new portable Aircraft Anti-icing System specifically designed for use inside hangars... it's called WING ARMOR.


Compliant with FAA's FAR 121.629, 135, 125, 91  as well as Transport Canada's CAR 622.11 training requirements, this 8 Hour program covers these topics: 

     Clean Aircraft Concept

     Negative Effects

     Critical Aircraft Surfaces

     Ground Icing Conditions

     De/anti-icing Fluids

     Aircraft Inspections

     Methods & Procedures

     Visibility vs Density

     Holdover Guidelines

     Recognizing Fluid Failure

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Specialized Training

FAA - FAR 121.629


Our customers fly everything from Jumbo jets to Military aircraft like the C-5A & C-130 Hercules... their training requirement must comply with commercial operations.

FAA - FAR 135 & 125


We cater to many FBO's and Business Jet operators that fly World-wide charters... they benefit from our knowledge of International procedures.

FAA - FAR 91


Don't compromise Flight Safety... There's no such thing as a little ice. Pilots flying from home base need a basic understanding of de/anti-icing fluids & application methods.

T/C CAR 622.11


Canadian operators including MRO's like Bombardier benefit from our "FLY CLEAN, FLY SAFE"  seminars which include hands-on practice.

Sharing Knowledge


We believe in promoting Safety by sharing our knowledge with aviation schools, airport groups and even NASA.

Search & Rescue


Leading Edge Deicing Specialists provide assistance to Canadian Armed Forces for SAR simulations with their Inflatable Learjet 40XR.

Safer, Faster & Smarter

Designed to Perfection

 Innovators in Portable Aircraft 

 De/Anti-icing Equipment

Safety & Convenience

Spray both wings simultaneously thereby increasing Holdover Time for Pilots during taxi & takeoff 

Reduce your Budget

Anti-ice any size Business Aircraft for a Fraction of FBO or CDF costs

What Makes Us Tick !



A Rust-Free 60 gallon Stainless Steel tank protects your Anti-icing fluid from degradation... compatible with Type II, III & IV.



Eagle Compressor - A powerful machine that produces sufficient force allowing the simultaneous treatment of aircraft wings.



Safely operate your WING ARMOR     Anti-icing system by activating   one of 2 switches located on the Main Control Panel.

Quick Fills


A 2 inch wide filler neck can accept large filling hoses...extra safety is provided with a brass ball valve when the cap requires removal.



Our ergonomic & light-weight  Tow Bar allow operators to pull WING ARMOR by Tug or manually position it around aircraft easily by using       10 inch tubeless tires. 



 WING ARMOR Anti-icing Systems surpassed expectations during an evaluation conducted by APS Aviation in 2017... shearing effects on fluid viscosity are less than 2%.


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